Why I have a D+ in Geology (Rant)

March 23, 2009 at 4:15 am (Uncategorized)

It's Plate Tectonics Bay-Bee!

It's Plate Tectonics Bay-Bee!

So I currently carry a D+ in Physical Geology, which happens to be my fave class. (I’ve been studying for the one I have tomorrow for 2 hours now and I’m only half way done with the notes…so I expect to have at least a b avg. by the end of the semester…yay make up tests) Anyway….How did this happen? Well lemme give you some of the test questions from last time.

28. Which of the following plate parts would most likely contain basalt and arkoses? A.oceanic basin B.craton C.rift valley D.trailing continental edge E.ophiolite sequence (It’s C)

17. If you straddle a dip-slip fault trace, the foot standing on the ? bed will also be standing on the “upthrown” fault block. A.oldest B.youngest C.you cannot determine this from the information given (it’s A)

16. Microcontinents that collide and become attached to larger continental margins are A.triple junctions B.magmatic arcs C.rift zones D.exotic terranes E.hot spots (it’s D)

34. The ?-wave shadow zone is between approximately 103° and 180° from the earthquake epicenter. A.Love B.Rayleigh C.P D.S (It’s D)

Here’s a fun picture of the P and S wave shadow Zone seizm

81. The Mohorovičić Discontinuity is at a ? depth in the oceans versus the continents. A.shallower B.deeper C.the Mohorovicic Discontinuity is at the same depth everywhere (It’s B)

All of the above Terms/Questions…were NOT covered in the lecture…we DO NOT use a book in the class. You have to go up to the school to access his online notes and learn this crap yourself. So apprently we don’t need professors for anything other than to ask questions when once we have taught ourselves all we can and are still lost.

In short…I’m paying to teach myself…everything.

P.S. Perhaps a Communication Degree is the way I will go….not set in stone…or rock…lol yet. But hey…Journalism can be fun.


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Well Well Well….

March 7, 2009 at 8:11 am (Uncategorized)

Ok…so in a dream world I’d be Lara Croft…screen006_nm
But unfortunatle I’m not a world class gymnast/archeologist/rock climber/ amazing marksman/ with an IQ of 200.

So…realistically…and kinda for fun…YOU CHOOSE!!

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Mew Mew

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There’s zombies afoot!

February 19, 2009 at 3:43 am (Uncategorized)

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

So Lissa’s blog got me to thinking…”Hey this is a super easy way to keep up with the fam and let ya’ll know what’s going on with me.” Cause I know I’m everyone’s Fave Neice….Grandaughter….Daughter…Cousin….Ya get my drift? Just kidding! I’m no egomaniac.

So anywho, as you all may know I am indeed enrolled in Tarleton (So far my major is still English with an emphasis in Technical writing…please don’t judge that by this blog.). I’m currently drowning in the following classes.
*English 111 (My teacher is a bit scatterbrained and it’s super frustrating)
*Math 101 (Ah yes…my damned remedial math class wherein the teacher treats us like five year olds. We play bingo and drive magnetic cars up and down number lines. No joke people…this woman is psycho.)
*DGS 101 (Please don’t get m started on this…it was a requirement for my contract…)
*Spanish 101 (Mi espanol es muy malo. Pardon mi escribir gracias también. Translation: My spanish is very bad. Pardon my spelling as well please.)
*Physical Geology (My fave! It’s actually pretty hard…but as mom may remember, I usd to want to be a siesmologist as a child…and then I wanted to be a vulcanologist…and then finnally an archeologist. Ah yes…the wonders of a child who likes plate techtonics and calculating the rate at which they travel. *Sigh*…where did I go wrong?)
There’s also a Spanish lab and a geology lab thrown in there…but they are unimportant. Alltogether now that’s 14 hours…plus I’m working.
As you can guess jugging school, work and the adorable cutie I call my boyfriend —->

(He’s so studly!)
I’m pretty swamped. But it’s okay…it’s only a few years right?

Unless I change my major to History and get a doctorate like I dreamed about….but that’s another story for another time…maybe….it was a random whim I had last night…*SIGH* I’m not good at the whole school thing. I am however good at the following.

Sleeping (World class expert)
Eating burritos (Lol @ Lissa)
Drinking too much espresso (OMG Iced Cinnamon Toffee Lattes.)
Loving all the people I care about (So easy….you guys rock!)
Petting my cat (She’s fluffy!)
Playing Tomb Raider (Have been since 1996)
Huggling the Boyfriend (I love you Zachary)
Catching every virus known to man (I have the immune system of a newborn sparrow)

See? SO many things…why do I gotta go to school?…*pout* If only I could make money by playing video games, petting kittens, eating burritos, Kissing Zach and hugging my family.

Now that….is the good life.

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